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Star Seed Bundle

Star Seed Bundle


Star Seed Bath: This is an ANCIENT ritual bath to welcome in the new soul to the bloodline. This practice dates back over 500 years.
The bath is to be used for children 1 week to 5 years old. 
Assists with boosting the immune system to fight off common deficiencies  such as eczema. Anemia.

Asthma. Colic. Colds.

Fussiness and Developmental Defects.

it soothes the child after birth and makes the transition from womb to life more stable.


                                      Directions For Use:
Remove Contents from packaging and place into warm water for baby. 
Keep infant in the mixture a minimum 10 minutes
Rinse mixture completely off after use.
Can be used in baby bath tubs. 
Work well with Star Seed Potion on soles of babies feet AFTER bathtime.        


Star Seed Crown Oil


Protect baby's Crown.


This Annointed Crown il is safe for infants.

This Oil not only protects the Childs scared crown it can also be used to style the hair and smells amazing.


All 3 Products work best together 

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