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Luna Dreams Co.

Hello there... thank you for being here. I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about my services and offering. My values are sincere and bringing kindness to all walks of life and whether you're looking to heal from your past traumans or looking for a break through, here, you will find peaceful answers that will jive with your calling. 


My Principles & 


I was Babaloa in a past life initiated under Orula

I was in constant communication with the Cosmos and a Master of Magic, untouchable

I was a missionary in a past life , I traveled through the peninsula and preached about Christ. I remember the food..

I was a Monk in a past life, I can still hear the bells ring if I focus.

I was a old crazy witch in a past life I died alone in a shack screaming fuck all you bitches... They taunted me for days before my heart gave out...

I am Saba Bilquis of Sheba.. 

It is Known 💙👁👁💙

I am Nakia Zakutu of Babylon, I still mourn my son Esar who I loved more than life. 

He was an Ascended Master...

I was a Viking in a past life, some of the rituals , I still remember... I used to murder men in villages and take their wives and daughters.

I was a worm... I remember smelling the rain and emerging from my little nest for a drink.

I died on a train...

I drowned once...

I am as old as TIME, I am an ancient one...

I am NOT coming back after this!

Ive satisfied my sister Karma , I've embraced my brother Duality.

May the sands of time remember my legacies for eons to come.


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How to Work With Me


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Thank you so much for your interest in working with me!

What I offer as a service to the collective currently is Spiritual Consultations with Custom action plan. My intention is to focus on pact. During our conversation if I am guided to channel any messages or to pull cards I will. During our consultation you can ask whatever you like pertaining to spirituality, processes , healing, whatever comes to mind. After our initial consultation I will email you a custom 30 day action plan based on what we discussed.


Exceptional Influence

Ancestral  Readings
Energy Healing
Guided Meditation

                        The Creole Queen is a dedicated Women’s Development Specialist with 10 years of experience of serving small Businesses.

                                                                                        The Co-Founder of B.O.S.S Beauties on Successful Strives. 

                                         In this role she Assisted start up women owned businesses, she is  a passionate public speaker.

During her decade long tenure she has counseled and assisted over a thousand women with pursuing their personal goals  and aligning

                                                          their spiritual journey to personal goals  through manifestation  activation. 

                                                                                The former Educator is bilingual (Spanish) and of Creole & Irish descent. 

                                         The Creole Queen   started as a Real Estate Asset Manager at the age of 21 and started Public Speaking at 25. 

                                       By the age of 26 her  hard work and ambition had helped her make her first million dollars. 

    Armed  with  ingenuity, integrity and hr minority certification Nakia was able to dominate a non-minority industry and aided in the creation

                              of other  other minority businesses to follow in her footsteps, bringing in tens of millions of dollars into her community. 

                      She  was ranked #1 in the state of IL in the private asset management sector for 3 consecutive years and #4 in the country. 
                                                                        She is the first minority owned business to achieve this great honor.

 After being divinely guided by God to put healing hands to work in 2017 , she founded Luna Dreams Co., a one stop shop for assistance to all         

                                                                                                                            women seeking the elevate .

                                       here she provides intuitive consultations and detailed action plans to help you organize your goals.

                                                                                          Along with Spiritual products to assist with the alchemy.

Luna Dreams Co. also provides assistance in business startup, website building, and marketing plans. business credit, influencer , small business

                                                                                                                                   and talent management. 

                                   She  is also a certified loan broker with Capital Funding Options to assist small business owners with acquiring

                                                                                                          Business Capital to scale their business units.

                                                                                                                             Leader. Advocate. Prophet .


Getting in touch

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