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Divinely Guided Influence

                                                                                           You can only truly heal through understanding.

                             In order to provide the healing frequency to others, comes not from empathy, but from UNDERSTANDING.

You can only understand through experience , find peace in your troubles, as they are lessons to prepare you to heal others in the future.

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a chronic skin disease that causes your sweat glands or hair follicles to get clogged and inflamed . HS causes red bumps that look like pimples or small boils to develop on your skin. The cause of HS is unknown, however there are natural remedies than can be used to control the flare ups aide in pain relief.  Paste can be applied to open lesions to assist with pain, uncomfortable rubbing, draining and healing.

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Some of us come, others are called.

I have been divinely guided by Spirit to put healing hands to work and make these products.


Since being established in 2018

Luna Dreams has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today. Our focus is the advancement and expansion of the Spiritual Community.


Come immerse yourself in relaxing high vibrational frequencies made by our FOUNDER. These Hertz frequencies and made to assist with raising your vibration, warding of spiritual attacks, assisting with insomnia and Chakra clearing. 


Heal Through Self Love

I understand the  saying,  "hurt people hurt people "

But when do we start to heal ourselves so we can heal others and assist the collective?

How is the negative energy you've exuded to others and the EGOS projection worked for you thus far????

We have to get out of the mentality of trying to exact revenge...

Self Love is the frequency of healing and shifting the way you deal with unplesant situations, people and entities .


   Spiritual Stamina

          Endurance, strength, faith , stamina and  optimism is CONSTANTLY tested.

                Don’t lean on others for strength , it is not Man who aims to teach you.

         Man does not navigate our  journey, dictate our  journey nor can man alter it…

Man is simply a reflection of the infinite possibilities that a potential journey entails. 

My teachings entail a thorough explanation of how YOU yourself can step out of simply thinking ANYTHING that happens is by mere chance and to become able to

                                                interpret the reflections of possibility.

                   This is not to say that I know the answer to everything, no one does.

               There’s no handbook for the  limitless possibilities of your own potential. 


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My Development services consists from and array of different offerings.Whether it be Spiritual Consultations, Business Development or Personal Development I am here to help you. 


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From my Healing Hands to yours. 

Please have a look at my tailored products to assist you on your journey. 


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                                              In life people come and go….

We are subconsciously shedding previous perceptions, conceptual realities and ideas every day making room for updates to our psyche.

          Realistically everybody is not going to mesh with the new program.

You woke up a new person today with new insight whether it be consciously or subconsciously...


You literally a different person than who you were before you went to sleep.

                             Shit , whose to say there even WAS a yesterday..

                 Not everybody is going to identify with the new you, so  Family.

Understand that you having friction with the people in your life is a projection of your attachment to the previous program.

           Welcome the release to welcome in the FLOW of the new reality.

     Worrying or being tight over the past is a distraction from discovering

                                       what’s new to be explored within you.

                                       Choose Surrender and Peace always 

                          What and who is  aligned will navigate naturally, when YOU are                                                          aligned with SELF, FIRST.

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